Premium bus business initiative with Hokkaido Bus Co.

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc. (FSE) has announced to develop a premium bus sightseeing tour around Hokkaido departing from HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VIILAGE (Located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido; F Village, which is scheduled to open in March 2023) in collaboration with HOKKAIDO BUS Co. (headquarters: Hokkaido Sapporo; President Nobuyoshi Nishimura).

1. Concept

Hokkaido is a treasure trove of rich nature and foodstuffs, and F Village hopes to serve as a hub for sending visitors to neighboring cities and villages as well as other parts of Hokkaido. As a first step, we will develop "F VILLAGE CRUISER", a premium transportation experience presented by Hokkaido Bus Co. With the theme of "comfortable transportation and luxurious experience," we aim to create a new style of tourism in Hokkaido.

2. Bus Features

A large bus with F Village image wrap on the exterior and 21 seats comfortably arranged inside. A safe and comfortable traveling experience has been realized by avoiding dense interior seating space. F Village will be a starting point for tours to the various regions of Hokkaido, and we propose a superior tour experience that will lead to the discovery of the buried charms of the region.

Approx. 12m (length) x2.5m (width) x3.5m (height)
21 passengers (3 individual seats per row)
Interior facilities
Antibacterial seats and curtains, low-concentration ozone generator, plasma cluster, Toilet with washlet
Number of vehicles
Operation and vehicle management
Hokkaido Bus Co.

3. Statements

Koji Kawamura, President of FSE

F Village is not only the center for urban development, but also aiming to serve as a showcase for Hokkaido's attractions and a tourism hub in Hokkaido. We are glad to have Hokkaido Bus Co., which shares our vision and concept, deploy "F VILLAGE CRUISER" with us. We hope that the tour will become widely known in Japan and overseas by having many people visit F Village, tour around and experience the value and attractiveness of Hokkaido. Through these activities, HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE aims to create a space that will become a symbol of Hokkaido.

Harunari Nishimura, Vice President of Hokkaido Bus Co.

We are pleased to unveil "F VILLAGE CRUISER" to many people today. In addition to the spacious seating arrangement, this bus has a roomy restroom and one of the few toilets equipped with a bidet toilet, which will make your long-distance sightseeing trip in Hokkaido more comfortable. For your peace of mind, we have antibacterial seats and curtains inside, and the coaches are equipped with plasma clusters and the latest low-concentration ozone generators. I hope we can help to build momentum toward the opening of F Village and further boost tourism in Hokkaido.

Shunsuke Tsuchiya, Vice Governor of Hokkaido

The opening of Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters' base, HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE, is just a year away, and I'm sure that people inside and outside of Hokkaido, including Fighters fans, are getting excited. "F VILLAGE CRUISER" will raise the expectations of the people of Hokkaido for the opening of the new stadium and help gather momentum for the revival of tourism in Hokkaido. A trip to discover new Hokkaido's charms while traveling comfortably in a spacious environment will attract not only baseball fans but also "Hokkaido fans" in Japan and overseas to visit the island. I have great expectations for the further development of this project.

from left to right, Shunsuke Tsuchiya, Harunari Nishimura and Koji Kawamura
from left to right, Shunsuke Tsuchiya, Harunari Nishimura and Koji Kawamura



4. About Hokkaido Bus Co.

Hokkaido Bus Co.

Hokkaido Bus Co., one of the Tokyo Bus Group which is the largest chartered sightseeing bus operator in Japan, provides chartered sightseeing bus services and express bus (route bus) services throughout Hokkaido.

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