Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc.(FSE) has announced that the development of the "HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE" (located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido ; F Village), including the new stadium "ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO" (ES CON FIELD), will be promoting initiatives that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). F Village will implement the three buckets of sustainable initiatives focusing on children, local community, and partnerships. ES CON FIELD will be the home of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters from March 2023.

As a company rooted in Hokkaido, FSE aims to coexist with the local community and contribute to regional development through sports and entertainment. From now on, together with various partners from industry, government, academia, and neighboring communities that support the project, FSE will expand its activities at F Village as a base to promote urban development that unlocks the future and leads to the revitalization of the local economy.

Among others, F Village will prioritize activities that promotes children's learning, play and growth since children will be the future of the local community.

1. F Village's focus on "children"

  • Free admission to ES CON FIELD for elementary school students and younger.
  • Provide safe play areas for children of all ages, both inside and outside the stadium, as well as training programs.
  • Provide opportunities to learn about the issues in the local community and to gain work experience (e.g., simulated experience in baseball team business and game operations).
  • Various dietary education activities

2. F Village as a sustainable city.

  • Provide a space for people of all ages, from children to adults, to gather and interact, and a place for community development.
  • Provide a sustainable transportation system that is safe and easy to use for all people: Develop transportation using EV buses.
  • Function as a disaster prevention base and regional evacuation site in case of emergency

3. Partnership, promoted by F Village

  • "All Hokkaido Ballpark Partnership Council" comprised of government agencies, local governments, businesses, and academics in the region, will seek the resolution of various issues through theme-based subcommittees.
  • Promote projects that aim to create general versatility through collaboration and cooperation across industry, government, and academia.

In addition to the above, F Village will explore various other initiatives to create a city that contributes to the SDGs, such as creating jobs that respect diversity, practicing diverse ways of working, and using energy efficiently.

Going forward, F Village will pursue the achievement of SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are integrated—they recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters are pleased to announce that the ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO, to be opened in March 2023 in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, has been selected as one of the model venues for "stadiums and arenas as interaction hub for diverse generations" by the Japan Sports Agency (JSA) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Stadiums and arenas, which could attract tens of thousands of people, are considered as high-potential facilities that can serve as a catalyst for regional revitalization, and JSA is working to reform stadiums and arenas as the core of urban development and regional revitalization. JSA and METI publicly solicited applications for model facilities last August, and the HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (F Village) Project, jointly with Kitahiroshima City, was selected as one of them. Japanese government aims to have as many as 20 model venues by 2025, and ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO will be regarded as one of them.

The F Village was highly evaluated for its project nature of full cooperation between the public and private sectors.

The Fighters will continue to promote the "F Village" project with the core of "ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO" in cooperation with the City of Kitahiroshima and other related organizations toward the opening of the facility in 2023.

Three-time Japanese Series winners the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and BYD Japan,a Japanese arm of China's leading new-energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer, today announced a strategic deal in e-mobility to help develop a “Co-Creative Place” for the new Hokkaido Ballpark F Village which is scheduled to open in 2023.

Purpose of the Partnership:

Together with BYD Japan, we will continue to explore ideal mobility solutions using clean energy from a global perspective, while striving to practice sustainable living. F Village will become a center of inclusive urban development and function as a disaster prevention facility and a regional safety evacuation site in case of emergency.

Our implemented plan:

-Introduction of electronic buses for transportation between sites connected to F Village
-Introduction of electronic carts for transportation in F Village
-Introduction of electronic forklift trucks and other equipment for various work vehicles in ES CON Field Hokkaido
-Gradual conversion of company cars to clean energy vehicles
-Phased conversion of team buses to clean energy vehicles
-Installation of charging stations for electronic vehicles

In addition to the above-mentioned plans, we will always be looking for other environment-friendly means of transportation and clean energy as one of the most eco-friendly sports organizations in Japan.

Those plans include collaboration with BYD and other companies.

Speaking about the new deal, Koji Kawamura, President of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, said: “We are very pleased that the conclusion of this partnership will be the start of new value creation for our company in seeking for a sustainable society in Hokkaido. By this partnership with BYD Japan, a leading new-energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer in the world, we are confident that a new way of thinking in the field of mobility will be advocated and spread across the country starting from our ballpark. In preparation for the opening in 2023, we will seek to develop an ideal mobility system that not only uses clean energy but also functions in the event of an emergency and will promote F village as a disaster prevention center.”

BYD Japan’ Liu Xueliang, President of BYD Japan, said: “We are very happy to partner with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, one of the most progressive and innovative sports teams in the industry. It is a great pleasure to be involved in Hokkaido Ballpark F Village Project which is an integral part of the “ballpark the world has never seen before” through this partnership. Our vision is “to achieve convenience and environmental protection at the same time for the future mobility society”, and based on this partnership, we are committed to proposing new lifestyles in Hokkaido and working towards the realization of an ideal society.”

BYD introduced more than 60,000 electric buses to 300-plus cities in over fifty countries and regions across six continents as a world’s leading new-energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer. BYD Japan was established in 2005 as a Japanese subsidiary of the BYD Group in China. BYD Japan sells components such as liquid crystal devices and batteries to Japanese manufactures and has begun selling its own power storage systems and solar panel products, as well as supplying products on an OEM basis.

25 September 2020

Three-time Japanese Series winners the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Fanatics, the global leader in licensed sports merchandising, today announced long-term strategic retail deal in one of the biggest sports merchandising partnerships ever created in Japan.

The new deal will see Fanatics gain a broad set of e-commerce rights and work with the club in the design and build of the new official flagship store at their new ballpark the ES CON Field in Hokkaido, which is scheduled to open in 2023.

The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters will become the second Japanese sport organization to sign with Fanatics and will take advantage of their innovative vertical commerce model which combines a world-class technology platform with an agile supply chain and on-demand manufacturing to create the broadest and most responsive assortment of high-quality merchandise for their fans.

Fanatics, the largest online licensed sports retailer in the world, partners with more than 300 of the world’s most successful sporting organizations including the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Ryder Cup and Formula One as well as many of the biggest global soccer teams including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain.

Those plans include collaboration with BYD and other companies.
Speaking about the new deal,Koji Kawamura, President of the HokkaidoNippon-Ham Fighters,said:“We are very pleased that the conclusion of thispartnership will be the start of new value creation for our company in seeking for asustainable society in Hokkaido.By this partnership with BYD Japan, a leading new-energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer in the world, we are confident that a new way ofthinking in the field of mobility will be advocated and spread across the countrystarting from our ballpark. In preparation for the opening in 2023, we will seek todevelop an ideal mobility system that not only uses clean energy but also functions inthe event of an emergency and will promote F village as a disaster prevention center.”

BYD Japan’Liu Xueliang,President of BYD Japan,said: “We are very happy topartner with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, one of the most progressive andinnovative sports teams in the industry. It is a great pleasure to be involved inHokkaido Ballpark F Village Project which is an integral part of the “ballpark the worldhas never seen before” through this partnership. Our vision is “to achieveconvenience and environmental protection at the same time for the future mobilitysociety”, and based on this partnership, we are committed to proposing new lifestylesin Hokkaido and working towards the realization of an ideal society.”

forward-thinking sports teams in the industry. We are particularly excited to be involved in the new retail facilities from the development phase at “the ballpark the world has never seen before”. As a company we are committed to dramatically improving fan experience through expanded assortment, upgraded online/offline shopping experience and better service levels to maximize fan satisfaction for all the Fighters’ fans in Hokkaido and around the world.”

Fanatics, who have operations based in Tokyo, Japan and in a further seven countries around the world, will work with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters to produce and distribute product to their fans wherever they might be and however they want to order it, be that online, on their mobile or in-store.


Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club., Ltd. (hereinafter “HNF”), and Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “FSE”) hereby announce the official names of the new ballpark and its surrounding district.

1. Name of the ballpark district:「HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE」


We have adopted “HOKKAIDO BALLPARK,” the term we have been using since the inception of the project, and “F” which resembles not only the “Fighters” but also a number of important concepts that we cherish such as “Fan,” “Future,” “Forest,” “Fun”, and “Fusion.” These elements are combined with the term “VILLAGE” which expresses our intension to develop an area/district through our project, as well as the star mark which is the symbol of Hokkaido.


2.Name of the ballpark (Naming Rights for the facility)


ES-CON JAPAN Ltd. (Based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, President/Representative Director: Takatoshi Ito), a Real Estate Company owned by Chubu Electric Power Group and running business throughout the nation with a focus on Kanto and Kinki regions, have decided to join the district development of the HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE. Being a community-based life developer that creates new values, ES-CON JAPAN will take on development projects planned within the district. As an attribute of our partnership, we have concluded the naming rights deal for the ballpark with ES-CON JAPAN.

This agreement sets a record for the largest facility naming rights deal in the nation. We aim to go beyond traditional naming rights deals in Japan and execute our partnership as a vehicle to accelerate our partner company’s business and achieve marketing goals.
According to Nielsen Sports, the largest domestic naming rights deal in the past was Nissan Stadium’s 470 million JPY/yr.

Figure2:Logo design of ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO We have adopted a simple and universal design, by expressing the ballpark’s symbolic retractable roof silhouette and adding the symbolic star of Hokkaido. This Logo will be exposed on the facades of the new ballpark, and also be promoted on advertising boards within JR New Chitose Airport Station from February 2020. We also plan to extend exposure and promotion not only in Japan but also in major cities abroad, so that our ballpark becomes a highly recognized destination in the world.

3.1. About ES-CON JAPAN Ltd.

Tokyo HQ: 20F The Okura Prestige Tower, 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001 Japan
Osaka HQ: 13F Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Osaka Midosuji Building, 4-1-1 Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0044
April 18, 1995
6,259,000,000 JPY (as of end of 2018)
54,325,000,000 JPY (consolidated; as of end of 2018)
234 (consolidate; as at December, 2019)
Real estate sales, real estate leasing, real estate planning, brokerage and consultation

■Comments by Hideki Kuriyama, Fighters’ Manager

Everyone in our team, including the players and myself, is excited about the ballpark project. I express my deepest gratitude to ES-CON JAPAN who has supported our team and the project that symbolizes our team’s strong will. With this new partnership I am fully confident that our project will progress to the next stage. We, the Fighters, as a team will also drive ourselves forward to a successful upcoming season, and towards 2023.

NH Foods Ltd.
Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club Co. Ltd.
Hokkaido Ballpark Corporation

NH Foods Ltd. (headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka; President: Yoshihide Hata; hereinafter “NH Foods”), Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; President: Kenso Takeda, hereinafter “the Fighters”) and Hokkaido Ballpark Corporation (headqaurters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; President: Kaname Fukuda, hereinafter “the Hokkaido Ballpark”) have continued to conduct necessary studies from diversified points of views on building a new ballpark since the proposed construction site was decided on March 26th, 2018. After thorough consideration, NH Foods, the Fighters and the Hokkaido Ballpark officially decided to proceed their plans to develop the New Ballpark by March in 2023.

image image


Hokkaido Ballpark (Tentative)

2.Construction Site

Kyoei, Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido (Kitahiroshima Sports Park)

3.New Ballpark Overview

Construction Cost: approx. 60 Billion JPY (including equipments inside the Ballpark and exterior finishings)
Surface: Natural Grass
Roof: Retractable
Building Area: approx. 50,000㎡ (538,196 square feet)
Total Floor Area: approx. 100,000㎡ (1,076,391 square feet)
Capacity: approx. 35,000
Structure: Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Number of Floors: 4 stories above ground and 1 below

4.Project Owner and Contractor

Project Owner: NH Foods Group-led New Ballpark holding and operating company
(to be established in autumn of 2019 *1)
PM/CM: Yamashita PMC Inc.
Contractor: Obayashi Corporation and HKS, Inc. (Design-build)

5.Planned Construction Schedule

2018 NOV. Design Development and Architectural Design
2020 Spring Groundbreaking
2023 Jan. Completion of Construction
2023 Mar. Opening


“Creating a place representing Hokkaido”
NH Foods, the Fighters and the Hokkaido Ballpark will develop a ballpark that promotes public health through food and sports, and fosters pride and affection toward Hokkaido.


The new venue’s goal is to establish “a ballpark the world has never seen before” that maximizes players’ performance on the field and international competitiveness as a live entertainment district.


Fostering an overwhelming sense of openness by the signature Glass Wall


Realizing a natural grass field by installing retractable roof system


An architecture blending with the surrounding nature

*1: The New Ballpark holding and operating company is expected to have over 20 Bil JPY in capital. 66.7% stake will be held by NH Foods Group, and the remaining 33.3% is expected to be acquired by external partner(s). The Fighters will be the largest stockholder of the company.


imageObayashi Corporation, founded in 1892, has always relied on its DNA of honest craftsmanship and technology, constructing buildings and infrastructure emblematic of their eras. Received order of the Tokyo Central Station (currently Tokyo Station) construction in 1911, we have taken part in the rebuilding of the main tower of Osaka Castle, as well as the construction of Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, and TOKYO SKYTREE®︎. For sports related facilities, some of our successful major projects are Hanshin Koshien Stadium, Kyocera Dome Osaka, Noevir Stadium Kobe. We are currently constructing the Olympic Aquatics Center for the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Our company vision is to be “a leading sustainability company”. We are developing next-generation technologies relating to energy savings, as well as entering renewable energy businesses leveraging the technical expertise that we have gained through our construction business.
The Obayashi Sapporo branch started its operation in March 1938. For over eighty years, we have grown together with Hokkaido.
We will strive in all sincerity, utilizing our wide range of experience and leading-edge technology, for the successful construction of the Hokkaido Ballpark. We will also contribute to the development of Hokkaido through our various services.

Obayashi Corporation
[headquarters]  Shinagawa Intercity Tower B,
2-15-2, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
108-8502, Japan
Kenji Hasuwa, President Representative Director

imageHKS is a global design firm that unlocks value for our clients by creating healthy, sustainable and productive places that delight, heal and stimulate peak performance. Our designers work across the global economy and are passionate about creating elegant solutions that solve our clients’ biggest challenges. From healthcare and education to sports and leisure, and from the Fortune 500 to start-up companies, we drive innovation in nearly every industry and inspire meaningful change at all levels. Founded in 1939, HKS today has more than 1,400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, economists, researchers, artists, anthropologists and psychologists networked across 24 offices around the globe.
Our sports practice is one of the most celebrated in the world. When the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium opened nearly a decade ago, HKS solidified our reputation as a paradigm-changing sports design firm – that single venue changed what fans expect when they attend a professional sports game. In the ten years since, we’ve translated those insights into design for sporting venues and entertainment districts around the world. Whether we are creating a future World Cup venue or a minor league ballpark, we design world-class, revenue-generating venues that leverage identity, promote community spirit and serve as destination environments for our partners and their fans. Other completed iconic projects include the Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium, Indianapolis Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick Ballpark, Optus Stadium in Perth and Royal Arena in Copenhagen. Projects currently under construction include Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, which will be the future home for the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and the primary 2028 Olympics venue, the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Ballpark, the new stadium for the FC Nantes football club in France and new entertainment district for Club Leon in Mexico.

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