• “ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO”Announcing the contract regarding facility
    management with Tokyu Community Corp.

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc. (FSE) has signed a contract with Tokyu Community Corp for the facility management of its new stadium “ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO(ES CON FIELD)” located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, which is scheduled to open in 2023.


1. About the Partnership :

Tokyu Community, which has a track record of managing and operating various facilities (office buildings, hotels, commercial facilities, large-scale complex facilities such as stadiums and airports, etc.) nationwide, and FSE have signed a partnership agreement regarding the facility management of the new stadium ES CON FIELD. We will engage in optimal facility management to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for everyone who visits the stadium. We will also cooperate with F Village, where ES CON FIELD is centered as its core, to help form “a community where people of all ages get together", and to co-create “a sustainable town."

2. Features :

- Facility management of ES CON FIELD
ES CON FIELD is equipped with unique & state of the art technologies, such as one of the world's largest LED visions, energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric heat pumps and gas cogeneration, as well as retractable roofs, in-stadium hot tubs, and hotels. Tokyu Community and FSE will be responsible for the operation, management, maintenance and inspection of these facilities and equipment.

- Operation and management of F Village
F Village aims to serve as an area where people of all ages can feel satisfied. We will work closely with related businesses partners for security, cleaning, planting management, snow removal, etc. We will strive to create a comfortable environment for the park area, adjacent to the stadium, where people can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the colorful four seasons.

- Highly efficient business management by implementing latest technology
In collaboration with "Tokyu Community Technology Training Center (NOTIA)", which serves as a demonstration facility for labor-saving & energy-saving new solutions, we will actively apply latest technology that benefits the facility management. Here at ES CON FIELD, we plan to develop and showcase our model of efficient business management that fits our aging & population declining society.

- Collaboration with the local community
We will work closely with the local community to enhance urban development at F Village. We plan to design a program where people from all generations can participate in “creating the village“ through various approaches.

3. About Tokyu Community and NOTIA

Tokyu Community is a comprehensive real estate management company that manages condominiums, buildings / facilities, and public facilities throughout Japan. In addition to management records of 340,000 condominiums and 1,100 buildings, Tokyu Community maintains and operates a variety of types of buildings including government facilities (designated administer & PFI), cultural centers, stadiums and other sports facilities, and airport-related facilities.
NOTIA is Tokyu Community’s in-house research facility that provides training for its technical employees. With its concept of “the building itself is a training material & workshop”, NOTIA not only serves as a training facility, but it also is a place for demonstration experiments for labor-saving & energy-saving new solutions.

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