• HOKKAIDO NIPPONHAM FIGHTERS and Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling sign a partnership deal

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (Hokkaido Coca-Cola) as its official soft drink category partner of HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (F Village) and ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO (ES CON FIELD), which is scheduled to open in March 2023.

1. About the partner

As a company rooted in Hokkaido, FSE aims to coexist with the local community and contribute to regional development through sports and entertainment. This relationship will continue after the opening of F Village, as we plan to promote sustainable urban development throughout the area.

Through this partnership with Hokkaido Coca-Cola, we will promote urban development for the future of the area by providing next level sports and entertainment experiences, as well as strengthening local disaster preparedness and supporting children: our next generation.

Koji Kawamura and Yasuyuki Sasaki

2. Features

F Village will be equipped with disaster prevention facilities to function as a core location for the community in the event of an emergency. ES CON FIELD will have a stockpile warehouse for food, blankets, and other supplies, provide space for relief supplies and rescue operations, and will serve as a wide-area evacuation site for the community. Hokkaido Coca-Cola will provide drinking water and other supplies to strengthen the function as a disaster prevention center.

Beverages sold at ES CON FIELD will use cups made from recycled materials. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from sales at Hokkaido Coca-Cola's ES CON FIELD will be used to support sports, nature, and youth development in Hokkaido through the "Fighters Fund".

In addition, the first base gate will be named "Coca-Cola Gate" and a giant monument of a Coca-Cola bottle and large LED panels will be installed at the entrance inside the gate. "Coca-Cola Seats" will be set up behind the first base entrance, offering a spectator experience with original privileges.

the first base gate inside image
the first base gate outside image1
the first base gate outside image2
Coca-Cola Seats image1
Coca-Cola Seats image2

3. Statements

Yasuyuki Sasaki, President

Having Sports in your life is a valuable habit that nurtures a healthy mind and body. When people enjoy sports, it brings new vitality to the community. HOKKAIDO NIPPONHAM FIGHTERS, a team that has been loved by the community since its birth in Hokkaido, has become a symbol of the wellness and vitality of the people of Hokkaido. Through this partnership, we plan to fill Hokkaido with the magical power of sports. We will not only strengthen our support for the team, but also provide fans with a game viewing experience they have never seen before and help create a space where fans can enjoy throughout the year.
In addition, by participating in the sustainable urban development project promoted by Fighters at "HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE", we will contribute to the promotion of SDG's in Hokkaido as a company born and raised in Hokkaido.

Koji Kawamura, President of FSE

Our goal is not to simply build a stadium, but to create a city with sports at its core. Through this partnership, we will further enhance the value of sports and entertainment offerings with ES CON FIELD at its core. We are also committed to building a sustainable city, and we feel encouraged by the fact that we will be able to enhance the city's function as a disaster prevention center in the event of an emergency. Together with Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling, we hope to create a space that can be enjoyed by all generations, from children to adults, and that will be loved and cherished by the local community.

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