• “HOKKAIDO BALLPARK ART PRIZE 2023” announcement of Award Winners

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc. held its first art competition "HOKKAIDO BALLPARK ART PRIZE 2023" with the aim of providing a new step forward in the fusion of "sports" and "art" and highlighting the potential of aspiring young artists.
The theme is "HOKKAIDO" & "Baseball". We are pleased to announce that we have come to the conclusion to a Grand Prix, four Awards of Excellence, and two Special Awards which were selected from over 100 entries.
The winning entries will be exhibited permanently in HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE, which will open in 2023. We express our gratitude for the many submissions.

1. Award-winning works

Grand prix

Grand prix, Wolf and EZO
Title: Wolf and EZO
Winner: Kousuke Yamawaki
Chief Judge’s comment: Mr. Yamawaki's work, which attracts viewers with its overwhelming descriptive power and scale, won the Grand Prix for its highly original and powerful expression of the theme “HOKKAIDO.” We hope many people will enjoy the experience of the unexpected encounter of a stare down at the ballpark.

Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence, Cheering (For Fighters)
Title: Cheering (For Fighters)
Winner: CHRIS
Award of Excellence, spherical mirage ballpark
Title: spherical mirage ballpark
Winner: Kazuto Imura
Award of Excellence , The Place of Reminiscence
Title: The Place of Reminiscence
Winner: Shouta Kanehira
Award of Excellence, Anzuker's crystal
Title: Anzuker's crystal
Winner: Saho Harabe

Special Prize

Winner: Kizuku Wakita
Special Prize, Sea Light
Title: Sea Light
Winner: Yuki Yamada

2. Judges' Comment

Kentaro Totsuka

<Chief Judge> Kentaro Totsuka - Director, NOWHERE:
The pieces submitted brought a high level of enthusiasm to the table, and there was a lively exchange of opinions among the judges. Many of the artists expressed various interpretations of the very limited theme of "Baseball” and “Hokkaido,” and we are very much looking forward to seeing their works installed and be in action. We hope to make this award a new platform for the next generation artists to showcase their work.


Kentro Tostuka,
director, NOWHERE
Akio Aoki,
DESIGNART, Representative Director
Takshi Kamiya,
HKS, Inc., Principal, Global Director of Urban design
Toshimichi Kobayashi,
Head of Design Department, OBAYASHI CORPORATION
Hirotaka Tamura,
Nomura Co., Ltd., Creative director
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