Announcing Partnership with Panasonic Corporation

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Inc. has reached a partnership agreement with Panasonic Corporation ("Panasonic") for HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE (located in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, which is scheduled to open in March 2023). Panasonic's products and production expertise will be used to realize the new sports & live entertainment experience that Fighters aim to provide to fans

1. About the agreement

F Village aims to create a sustainable urban atmosphere centering ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO, with its accommodations, commercial space, agricultural learning facilities, certified childcare center, and residences. We are working with various partners to develop a "co-creative space" with new live entertainment and cutting-edge wellness lifestyles, which will not only benefit the baseball games experience, but also contribute to the local community and society.
Through this partnership, we aim to realize a variety of spectator styles, including new spectator experiences using Panasonic technology and getting to know Panasonic products in a premium space where spectators can watch games at the same eye level as the players.

2. Features

‐ Installation of competition and production lighting

354 Panasonic lightning fixtures will be installed in the ES CON FIELD. Through optimal lighting design for baseball playing environment, we aim to create a lighting environment that is beneficial to spectators, players, and facility management.

For spectators: To further enhance the value of the game experience, a new lighting method has been developed in which 354 lights are individually controlled. This enables unprecedented lighting effects such as moving in wave patterns on the field.

For players: Panasonic's VR-based lighting simulation technology, which has a proven track record in multiple arenas and stadiums in Japan, will be used to create an optimal lighting environment for games with less glare.

For facility management: The new LED lighting will save energy compared to conventional HID lamps and the ability to turn lights on and off individually will allow more flexibility for the use outside of games.

We also plan to install lighting fixtures on the streets in F Village and at other facilities outside of ES CON FIELD. We aim to revitalize the entire area, including ES CON FIELD, through lighting production.

The new LED lighting
esconfield lighting fixtures
Comprehensive staging system

‐ Comprehensive staging system

A comprehensive production management system will be installed. This will enable a wide range of stage effects involving lighting, video, and sound working in tandem. Approximately 600 signage units will be installed inside ES CON FIELD to provide a further entertaining game viewing experience.

‐ Panasonic CLUB LOUNGE

The third base side of the new dugout club, a spectator space set up near the benches, will be named "Panasonic CLUB LOUNGE." The Lounge will provide a place to watch the game while experiencing Panasonic's products and services. While enjoying a immerse game viewing experience at the same eye level as the players, visitors will be able to experience Panasonic's production lighting, try out their latest beauty, health, and AV products. We aim to provide fans with an unprecedented game viewing experience.

「Panasonic CLUB LOUNGE」image1
「Panasonic CLUB LOUNGE」image2
「Panasonic CLUB LOUNGE」image3
product experience image

spectators can watch games at the same eye level as the players1

spectators can watch games at the same eye level as the players2

Beauty / health appliances1

Beauty / health appliances2

Beauty / health appliances3

antibacterial deodorizer




3. About Partner

Panasonic logo

Panasonic operates in multiple fields of the electrical equipment industry including residences, offices, hotels, commercial facilities, and sports facilities, as well as Lighting, Energy Systems, Smart Energy Systems, etc.

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